Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Grey Light of the Season (US)

I'm pleased to announce a reissue:

Written across a Massachusetts autumn, Grey Light of the Season is a work of suspended animation -- of vanishing into October twilight.  Kindred in spirit to the more darkly enchanted folk of the 1960s, but wandering where it will, the album is a transportive Polaroid from Fall past and present.

The gestation period of the recordings was remarkably uncomplicated, with sessions taking place on weekday afternoons at makeshift studios in and around Lawrence, Kansas in fall 2009 and spring 2010.  Contributing overdubs via satellite were Laura Jane Scott (harp, vocals) of Los Angeles and John McMahon (cello) of Boise, Idaho.

Completed in August 2010, the album received its first proper release in February 2011 -- in two-volume, 23-track form -- on the Moorworks record label of Japan, where songs from the album were first played live in Tokyo, Sendai, and Yamagata in June and July 2008.

The U.S. reissue condenses the Japan edition, pairing 9 tracks from volume I with 3 tracks from volume II and 3 new instrumentals.  It will be released on the first full moon of 2017.

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